23rd June 2020

Felipe Bomfim

Chief Financial Officer, Brazil,
Patria Infraestrutura


Director at Patria, primarily responsible for Value Creation & Finance within the Infrastructure group. Currently he holds a CEO position at Tecnogera Geradores. Prior to joining Patria in 2014, Mr. Bomfim worked for Bain & Company, where he was focused on Performance Improvement & Corporate Finance practices, he also led the Strategy, Business Development and M&A team for Cummins in South America, a global Diesel Engine Company from Columbus-IN. Mr. Bomfim holds an M.Sc. degree with distinction in Finance from London Business School (London, UK) and a B.S. degree, awarded in 1st place, in Electronic Engineering from Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica (ITA – São Jose dos Campo, Brazil).

Speaker at these events:

Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Brazil 2020