23rd June 2020

Benefits of Sponsoring

1. 1-2-1 meetings and product showcasing via your virtual sponsor booth
Generate reverse enquiries, have clients come to your virtual sponsor booth, enabled with live chat and video conferencing capability
List all your executives that are at the event, detailing the different lines of business within your team and your geographical coverage
Add sponsor videos and create a marketing bank of materials highlighting the suite of solutions you offer
2. Virtual Roundtable Exclusive to Platinum & Gold sponsors
Your very own exclusive virtual Roundtable. 15 clients and you in a private closed door discussions providing with an opportunity to showcase your thought leadership and expertise
Your virtual Roundtable will be co-moderated by GFC, with our expert team experienced in helping sponsors to guide the discussion and underline their strength in providing solutions
Includes branded invitations to extend to your corporate clients
3. Sponsor led workshop
What is your core expertise and how are you getting this across to the market today? An opportunity to host your own private workshop, that you lead and have ultimate control on admission
Up to 99 other attendees all requiring your approval to join
High quality data on who joined so you can track ROI from your sponsorship and workshop
4. Virtual matchmaking powered by Artificial Intelligence
Meet with clients and prospects based on your customised criteria
High quality AI guided recommendations to drive ROI
All the data available to you post event – impactful market research based on your 1-2-1 meetings
5. Live streaming of your speakers’ content to 5000 attendees across the world
Your speaker delivered into the homes of clients and prospects from across the world
Positioning you and your brand as a thought leader
Amplified reach and visibility to everyone that matters across emerging market debt
6. Virtual Speakers Corners
Dedicated speakers page to underline your thought leadership
Easy to access 1-2-1 meeting and chat capability for everyone that wants to engage with your speaker
7. High Quality Data to maximise your ROI
Exclusive data for sponsors detailing:
> 1-2-1 meetings
> Virtual sponsor booth attendees
> Number of interactions
> Who attended your panel sessions
> How many times your sponsor ad was viewed and clicked
8. Attendee Passes for your team and corporate clients
Passes for your team spanning different lines of business and geographies – Taking advantage of the world’s only 24 hour event
Complimentary passes for your corporate clients. Extend an invitation to your key clients to attend as your guest
9. Meaningful Branding & Exposure – All backed by measurable data
Showcase your amazing content with data driven results and ROI
Sponsor ads in the eyeline of your clients driven by AI
High impact brand visibility available for Platinum sponsors
Pre-event marketing opportunities starting within the virtual platform two weeks prior to the event