11th February 2021
Four Seasons, Mexico City

Draft Agenda 2020

Keynote address: Understanding the financing plans of Mexico’s government for 2020 and beyond

What are the government’s long-term plans to encourage investor confidence in light of a changing political climate and the sovereign’s rating downgrade?

Public spending strategy: How much capital does the government need to secure to implement its growth plans? In Which markets are the government looking at to raise funds?

How is the government planning to facilitate the flow of capital for projects outside Pemex? How are they looking to make the contracts more bankable?

Keynote address:
How is the Central Bank’s monetary policy agenda for 2020/21 impacting Mexico’s capital markets?

Trade wars, rate cuts and US elections: Assessing the impact of macroeconomic volatility on the Mexican economy

Expectations one year into the new administration: How do investors, lenders and issuers feel about Mexico’s outlook for the first half of 2020?

How will the Fed’s rate cuts affect Mexico’s own monetary policy and market activity?

Trade wars, politics and credit ratings: How is Mexico’s economy responding to international and domestic volatility? What is the impact on inbound capital flows?

Update on USMCA:
How are the ongoing negotiations impacting Mexico’s manufacturing and credit markets?

2020 Mexico-US dynamics: How will the USMCA deal impact trade and capital flows? What opportunities will this create for Mexican manufacturers and FIs?

Assessing the ratification vs. US election timeline: Is it realistic for the US to pass the ratification in the next 6 months, when Mexico and Canada have already done so?

On the road to refinancing: How can the administration instil greater confidence in the Oil and Gas sector?

What are the critical success factors firms need to employ to secure economically viable new projects with competitive pricing?

How are global corporates approaching investment and financing in light of increased global market volatility

Strong capital fundamentals coupled with lower pricing: What is the Multi-Latina outlook for 2020?

Onshore vs. offshore: Where are Mexican multinationals raising capital?

The impact of the 2020/22 maturity wall on market liquidity: Which players will step up to refinance these debts?

Tapping into new sources of capital: How Mexican corporates are funding themselves?

· What are the most significant risks that will impact Mexican funding and treasury teams in 2020, and how will this affect pricing?

When diversifying funding strategies, what other options are available away from MXN/USD?

Far East funding diversification: How can Mexican companies encourage Asian investors to take the plunge?

How can Mexican corporates leverage ECAs as a vehicle for alternative funding?

Pricing Mexican credit: Where are the investors’ sweet spots?

Politics, market dynamics and credit ratings: How is uncertainty being priced into Mexican bonds? How are investors hedging their exposure to Mexico?

Understanding the appetite for local and cross border bonds – where do issuers and investors see the most value?

Restoring investor confidence: What critical success factors do international investors need to boost long-term investment into the Mexican market?

What steps need to be taken to encourage issuers to come to market? Prior to issuance, which credits are attractive to investors?

Looking to the Far East: How can Asian interest in Mexico be converted into new investment?

Syndication vs. club deal, USD vs. MXN: What structures will drive loan market activity in 2020?

Increased appetite amongst international banks to underwrite and syndicate loans: How is the shifting political and economic landscape impacting demand?

Which international banks are increasing their presence in Mexico? Which sectors are they navigating towards?

Underwriting syndications vs club deals: Which structures will bring most value in 2020?

MXN vs USD: How do pricing, size, tenor and covenant packages compare?

New players and products in the market: Where are they looking to lend? How are new products adding value to an already competitive syndicated loan market?

What steps need to be taken to secure continued local and international sponsorship into Mexico’s energy sector?

How can Mexican developers re-engage international interest to demonstrate the door for investment is still open?

Electricity sector private auctions: What opportunities are available for the private energy sector to attract new investment?

Assessing the future of the energy sector post 2021/22: How will renewable projects be financed? Which markets can be tapped to access new capital? For how long will energy tariffs remain stable?

Evaluating the changing role of CFE as a potential electricity generator: How would this alter the competition for tenders?

Evolution of Mexico’s ESG and sustainable finance markets: How can issuers and investors capitalise on this additional liquidity to make a concerted effort to issue green?

CKDs, Fibras, CERPIs: Driving real estate investment following changes in Afores regulation

Assessing the value of investing directly into CKDs, Fibras and CERPIS - is the demand amongst local buyers matched with the return on investment?

Mexico’s infrastructure pipeline for 2020/21: What is the government’s plan at federal and regional levels for new initiatives and financing opportunities?

Continuation of financing existing projects: What are the key funding sources of the government’s strategic programme?

Infrastructure Fibras: Which assets are best to invest? How does pricing compare to Real Estate Fibras? Assessing investment opportunities will new ventures create for private firms

The long road to PPPs: How can these be made bankable, and what is the timeline for these projects to come to fruition?

Evolution of projects outside CDMX: Which projects and regions are most attractive to investors?

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