6th February 2020
Four Seasons, Mexico City


It is the perfect place to find the bridge between the energy and financial sectors in Mexico and the world. Local and International investors are ready to know about our country in general and the energy sector in particular at Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Mexico.

This is a must attend event where senior-level decision makers in Mexico participate to discuss relevant and current topics and news on the market. It provides a great opportunity for networking.

For me, the 3 one-on-ones allowed me to get effective face to face interaction with clients that given my geographic location would take me several days/weeks to meet them in person. It also created a sense of intimacy and made our dialogue more effective as we had specific points to tackle.

Bonds, Loans and Derivatives is a very important event in Mexico City where many important participants in the economic cycle of Mexico (companies, investors, banks, authorities and regulators) discuss the economic and financial perspectives for the upcoming months. The information discussed in the event should be considered in the implementation of the financial strategy of any company.

While it is regarded as the core event in the fixed income calendar, the event goes above and beyond, by covering all relevant topics of interest in the economy.