Leonardo Royal Hotel, St Pauls

About the event

The only event dedicated to supporting issuers transition their funding strategies towards better ESG standards

Environmental, sustainable and governance has always been a criterion that most companies and investors have considered and factored into their funding and investment strategies.

So what’s changed? As general sentiment, the media and a generational shift on topics such as climate change and sustainable development continues to garner more traction, so to has it catapulted ESG and sustainable investment up the priority list for investors.

With the majority of investors now requiring some form of ESG-linked offering, issuers are being forced to evolve their funding strategies. But how do they do this? Especially those who work in traditionally non-green sectors such as oil, gas, mining, airlines etc?

ESG Capital Markets and Transition Finance is a global event for all issuers looking to answer this question...

By the end of the day ESG Capital Markets and Transition Finance will have created a roadmap for issuers looking to issue/borrow green or SDG linked financial instruments.