18th November 2019
The Shangri-La, Singapore


Panel topics are insightful, the one-to-one meetings facilitated by GFC Media helped us connect and overall the event gave a very good opportunity for networking relevant to our business. Thanks for organizing such an event and looking forward for future events.

The eclectic mix of investors and issuers provided an unparalleled experience in networking and learning.

The 1:1 meetings add tremendous value to the event

As always the event exceeded expectations. The event provided insightful panel discussion topics, which generated valuable market insight, and an excellent networking opportunity where many of the panel discussions were deliberated further and new connections were made.

The Issuers & Investors Forum was very rewarding for me professionally. It brought attention to a number of key events in the market that need serious attention. Once again there was a solid, diverse crowd eager to talk and share views. Exceptional customer service and professionalism.