23rd June 2020


Loan and DCM markets are created by people and appetites. While remote working, it is even more important that we continue to meet and use events like Bonds, Loans & Sukuk 24 in order to share ideas and find innovative and creative solutions to keep the markets open.

The ALCB Fund has been a long-standing supporter of Bonds, Loans & Sukuk. These conferences play an important role in the development of African capital markets by bringing together a diverse range of market stakeholders to foster new relationships and discuss relevant issues. Such dialogue is as important as ever in these uncertain times, which is why we look forward to attending the upcoming virtual summit.

Amid these unprecedented times, it is very important for issuers to understand the investors' perceptions, the lenders' appetites and how can they plan to fund their positively or negatively impacted businesses. Markets are being selective and remain open for quality issuers, however, planning and learning from other recent issuers' experiences can allow access to various issuer classes. This platform is exactly what decision makers need to help them navigate through these times.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on global economy, seeing the whole picture is more important than ever. However, with so many events being cancelled due to travel restrictions, it can be a challenge. This is why we are really looking forward to Bonds, Loans & Sukuk 24 - with its unique 24-hour format and worldwide coverage it will connect all sides of the global debt market. An event of this calibre is what the professional community needs in these challenging times.

I am very pleased to hear that GFC Media will be launching Bonds, Loans & Sukuk 24. The timing is perfect and the subjects of discussion are at the heart of the challenges the market is facing today. Everyone is working hard to define the ‘new normal’ and the experts presenting during this event will definitely provide the necessary silver lining.

We are involved in global markets with strong focus on Latin America. This platform will allow us to hear different opinions from global market players on the potential fallout from this pandemic.

Looking forward to the Bonds & Loans tradition and keeping updated on industry topics and networking in this changing world of work and business interaction.

What a brilliant innovative approach - as expected from the best events company in the market!

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates change in every aspect of our lives. The world’s first and only 24-hour virtual summit will be an important demonstration of how technology can enable this change and how our daily business routines can rapidly adapt. I look forward to this event which will allow us to exchange ideas and observe best practices from all around the world about coping with the new normal after COVID-19.