25th March 2020
Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai

Bronze Sponsor

Shearman & Sterling

Welcome To The Oil, Gas & Petrochems Finance & Investment Conference

While the price of oil has remained stable over the past few years, recent geo-political, economic and sociologic events have cast a spotlight on the oil and wider energy industry globally and in particular the Middle East who provide 65% of the world’s oil reserves. In light of this, the future of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry remains uncertain and poses challenges to the NOCs in the Middle East as to how they will address change and seek to diversify their respective organisations in the long term. This event will discuss the macro-outlook for the energy industry, highlight the challenges faced by NOCs and IOCs in this energy transition and explore how they are positioned to solve them. This event will also discuss the hurdles oil-exporting countries have to overcome in their mission to diversify their respective economies, discuss the impact of shale, the changing attitudes to investing in the region’s oil, gas & petrochemical sector and whether or not the world can truly shift to alternative energy sources.

The Oil, Gas & Petrochems Finance & Investment Conference is the first and only event bringing together NOCs, IOCs, investors, bankers, consultants, corporates and legislators to discuss the global outlook for the energy industry and debate how the energy industry globally and in particular, the Middle East needs to adapt and innovate in order to keep up with the ever-changing geopolitical and economic landscape. The conference will seek to address the challenges the oil-exporting countries face and propose solutions as they seek to diversify their respective economies and modernise their NOCs. By bringing key stakeholders together with industry experts, the event will enable delegates to engage in strategic dialogue, highlight the opportunities for investment and development, and discuss solutions to support the evolution of the industry in the wake of the energy transition and period of digitalisation.