25th March 2020
Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai



25th March 2020

Registration & Coffee
Chairman's Opening Remarks
Global oil price and market outlook: Triggers to look out for in 2020
  • China as a driver for oil markets: What are the triggers to boost China’s demand for oil?
  • Trade wars, trade flows, and oil: What is the outlook for oil in the event of an immediate deal? What is the outlook if the trade tensions continue through 2020?
  • How will increased regulation and governmental policy shape the oil and gas industry?
  • Elections and political pledges: What does the oil and gas market look like if a Democrat is elected US president and halts shale production?
  • What is OPECs strategy likely to be in 2020?
  • How will OPEC manage the proposed supply cut and avoid geo-political tension in the region?
  • Has geopolitics as a risk factor affected investor appetite?
Transition and transformation: The future of oil and gas markets
  • Trends in oil and gas asset valuations: Globally and regionally
  • Sustainability and the impact of ESG on the petroleum industry
  • The path to growth: How oil and gas companies can re-position themselves
A medium-term outlook of global oil (demand) price: Analysing the impact of population demographics, wealth and the sustainability of sustainable energy
  • China GDP and oil price: Correlations and indications of where oil price is headed
  • How demographics and consumer behaviour will impact drive medium and long-term demand for oil
  • Sustainability of sustainable energy: Is there sufficient supply of battery metals (lithium and cobalt) to support global decarbonisation?
    • What are the supply-chain and cost implications for the scalability of sustainable energy?
    • Global supply chain of battery metals versus demand: How are companies adapting investment?
  • Commitment to Net Zero 2050: What stats and facts make this a reality?
How to evolve from a National Oil Company (NOC) into a fully diversified International Oil Company (IOC)
  • Impact of weak global demand for oil: How are the region’s NOCs adapting their business models and investment strategies?
  • Investor risk perspectives: How does an international investor differentiate NOCs from IOCs by the way in which their businesses look and operate?
  • What are the key pillars that NOCs need to adapt to transform their businesses?
  • Where do IOCs see value and opportunities in the region’s oil and gas markets?
  • Where and how are NOCs investing and diversifying their portfolios?
  • Competition vs. collaboration
Networking Break
Economics of oil and gas: A regional perspective
  • Review of the regional diversification away from oil revenues: What steps have governments taken
  • How has oil and gas business changed following governments’ plans to diversify their economies?
  • The vision in numbers: What a diversified-away-from-oil GCC economy looks like
How are oil companies adjusting their approach to funding and investment given shifts in market dynamics?
  • Bank lending vs. development bank financing vs. capital markets: How are oil companies balancing their funding mix?
  • New lenders and investors: Is China a new source for the MENA energy sector?
  • Oil price volatility and economic growth: How are oil-exporters and oil companies hedging risk so that volatility does not hinder growth?
  • Energy transition and energy investment: How are companies’ energy investment strategies adjusting given the increasing demand for sustainable energy? Where do oil companies see themselves fitting in within the changing energy environment
  • What are the key challenges in funding oil service companies? How are service companies working with NOCs and what are the challenges in undertaking non-core activities?
Innovation, technology and digitalisation: Market disruptors the oil and gas incumbents need to be aware of
  • What new innovations is the Shale industry introducing to further drive down costs? Has Shale’s break-even price bottomed-out?
    • What role are NOCs from the region playing in the Shale market? How is Shale continuing to impact the conventional markets?
  • What new technologies are being introduced to the market to reduce cost and improve efficiencies?
  • How is digitalisation being implemented in the oil and gas markets? How are companies adopting digitalisation?
Networking Lunch
IPO, M&A, joint-ventures and private equity: How to successfully secure non-bank investment for projects and assets
  • How can the region’s oil companies monetise their infrastructure assets?
  • What types of investors are on the hunt for oil and gas assets? What are their criteria for investment?
  • Private equity and the 5-7 year turn around model: How to successfully work with private equity houses to develop projects
  • Successful IPO: When and how to approach the public equity markets
  • Outbound and inbound M&A: How to structure deals in and out of the region for NOCs
Energy traders’ roundtable discussion: Top picks for 2020
  • Oil, electricity, gas, wind power: Where do traders see value in today’s market?
  • Pros and cons of the introduction of Murban futures contracts
    • Brent and/vs. Murban: Is there potential for conflict/arbitrage?
  • Trading in an already crowded market: What are the energy trading arms of NOCs bringing to the market?
Sustainability and investment: How do the Petroleum and Petrochemicals industries address ESG and green finance?
  • What are the expectations of oil, gas and petrochem companies in relation to ESG from investors and banks?
  • How is investor sentiment towards sustainability and environment impacting NOCs and IOCs approach to business, finance and investment? How has the IMO 2020 regulation affected the output of oil companies?
  • First steps and the road ahead: What does an oil, gas or petrochem company thinking about ESG and sustainable/green finance for the first time do first?
  • Have the investments made into oil companies to ensure IMO compliance been successful?
  • How will the region’s oil and gas producers balance attracting new investment whilst also championing a move away from oil dependence?
Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference